Auto waste plastic machine to diesel tyre pyrolysis oil

Fully automatic waste plastic machine to diesel tyre pyrolysis oil refineFully automatic waste plastic machine to diesel tyre pyrolysis oil refine

Fully automatic waste plastic pyrolysis machine

Batch pyrolysis equipment
The system can separate the light components, middle components and recombinant components of oil in the process of cracking.Thus, it can achieve the grade treatment of oil products, and improve the quality of the oil products in the middle of the improvement of oil products
Product Features:Fully automatic waste plastic pyrolysis machine to diesel oil refine
A terrace,double pot and spary water system
Technology Pararameter:
Model Size Capacity
HA-20-PT Φ2200x6000mm 5 Tons per day
HA-30-PT Φ2600x6000mm 8 Tons per day
HA-35-PT Φ2600x6600mm 10 Tons per day

Pyrolysing waste tire, rubber, plastic etc. to fuel oil,carbon black and steel wire

Applied Raw Materials:
Rubber: tires, soles, leather strips, rubber tubes, and other rubber products.

Plastic: PP, PE, all kinds of plastic products

Product of pyrolysis and application:
Waste plastic, rubber products and sludge after the final product include: fuel oil, (wire), carbon black and non-condensable combustible gas, the use of:

Fuel oil: widely used in steel mills, ceramics and other industrial enterprises or chemical enterprises and hotels, restaurants and other fuel use, can also be used for heavy oil generator power generation.

Carbon black: coarse carbon black can be used for building brick raw materials, but also deep processing into industrial carbon black, semi-reinforcing carbon black, pigment carbon black, the application and its wide range.

Non-condensable combustible gas: about 5-10% of the content can be recycled in the production process, as the production of fuel, can also be collected or even compressed into liquefied gas can also be used for combustion or power generation.

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