1-3 tons small pyrolysis machine for waste tires waste plastics to oil

1-3 tons small pyrolysis machine for waste tires waste plastics to oil

1-3 tons small pyrolysis machine for waste tires waste plastics to oil,Compact design save space.

The system use less water in the process of production, the cooling efficiency is high, it is suitable for the hardened ground, and the cooling pipe is easy to clean, which is suitable for the plastic with high amount of impurity.

Raw material

This gasifier is suitable for all kinds of biomass material such as rice husk, corncob, wood chips, straw, palm kernal shell; cow dung; garbage such as: MSW; industrial waste: plastic, rubber, etc.

Size of the feedstock 30-50mm, moisture of the feedstock<20%, by these two standard, some of the raw material need to be processed before into the furnace of the gasifier, it will be crushed or dried.

Specifications of Pyrolysis Plant Machinery
Name: 1-15Tons for example
Raw material: Waste Tire, Plastic, Rubber, ect.
Oil output: 40%-45%
Carbon output: 30%
Gas out put: 10-20%
Heating value: 300-400Kcal/ M3
Structure form: Horizontal
Operating pressure: Constant pressure
Heating material: Nature gas, coal, pyrolysis oil, wood
Material of reactor: Stainless steel 310S
Cooling mode: Water spray cooling
Thickness of reactor : 16 mm
Rotate speed of reactor : 0.4turn/minute
Driving method Gear drive
Final Production of Pyrolysis Plant
Fuel oil (40% to 45%)

The oil has 40% to 45% of the amount of recycled scrap tyres, which will be carried with licensed tanker trucks.

Carbon black (30% to 35%)

Carbon Black is the main product recycled by Pyrolysis technology. The amount of recycled carbon black is 30% to 35% (depending on the type of tyres) of the total amount of scrap tyres recycled in the system.

Steel wire (10% to 15%)

Tires contain steel wires and the amount range of 10% to 15% of thetotal tyre wastage.

Gas (4% to 10%)
Non-Condensable gases arise during the pyrolysis process. There aresome advantages such as:
1. lt has higher calorific value as compared to natural gas.

2. It can be replaced where natural gas and propane are stored.

3. The high energy gas may be utilized as a source of energy for the Pyrolysis process.

4. The amount of gas generated in the system is 12% to 15% of the total amount of recycled tyres and considering the 10 ton scrap tyre/day recycling capacity, the facility generates 1200 -1500 m3/day gas, which has an enormous energy potential when evaluated.

Usage of finished products
Typical industrial applications of pyrolysis oil as a fuel:

·                     Burners of Boilers

·                     Burners of Furnaces

·                     Burners of Hot Water

·                     Burners of Hot Air Generators

·                     Burners of Thermic Fluid Heater

·                     Burners of Hot Mix Plants

·                     Other Industrial Burners

·                     Electric Generators (mixed with 50% diesel)

·                     Diesel Pumps(mixed with 50% diesel)

Carbon Black:

Used as fuel in boiler/furnaces/cement plants, raw material for manufacturing carbon nano-tubes & activated carbon

Pyrolysis Gas:

Used as fuel to heat the plastic to oil reactor. Excess gas can be used for production of petrochemicals or electricity

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